I know it’s easy to assume that this ad type (or channel as a whole) would only work for “high-tech” audiences, or “big” companies that have the resources to man a customer communication channel…. but, stay with me.My point is that we must not only enter the conversation that’s already taking place in our customer’s head, we must BE in the places where our customers are having their conversations.Aside from even advertising through Messenger, being reactive and responsive to your people throughout the entire Customer Journey via Messenger is essential.

I was driving down the road and saw a new apartment complex. I reached out via Messenger from their Facebook page to inquire about the property.Every step of my Customer Journey, from scheduling a tour to negotiating the lease, was done through Facebook Messenger. It’s very likely that if they weren’t as responsive on Messenger as they were, I would’ve ended up living somewhere else.

Facebook reported that more than one in two people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message, and 67% of people expect to message businesses more in the next two years.It’s how people are communicating with family and friends. A large portion of our society prefers to communicate via a messenger with quick responses.

Now, we, as marketers, have the opportunity to tap into this tremendous channel to grow our business and better serve our customersFacebook Messenger as a Destination (Destination Ads)

Destination ads appear in the newsfeed, and when clicked on, open inside of a Facebook message (instead of sending traffic to a URL):

You can find this destination option at the ad level when creating a campaign in Ads Manager or Power Editor. The ad looks and feels like a normal ad, with the option to include an image, video, carousel, slideshow, etc.:


A few things to note about destination ads…

  1. You can target ANYONE(this is important – you can target interests, behaviors, custom audiences, etc.)
  2. Available in the newsfeed (desktop and mobile)
  3. Available for campaigns with the objective “page post engagement” or “send people to a destination on or off Facebook” – so, don’t panic if you chose another objective and don’t see Messenger as an option

Ways to use this ad type…

1. Retargeting

What’s the biggest “hang-up” in your Customer Journey?Use destination ads to give people an extra touch point with your brand. Help them overcome any barriers to purchase.For example, we use Messenger ads to retarget people who visit our sales pages but don’t purchase the product. If you visit the sales page for DigitalMarketer Lab but don’t buy, you’ll see this ad:

There’s usually a reason people don’t buy, and if you give people a platform to ask questions and help overcome doubt, it works wonders. For example, people want to know if the product will actually work for their business, if there is a contract or commitment, if they can add team members, etc.Once their questions are answered, most are ready to purchase the product. This entire conversation is happening via Facebook Messenger.

2. Cold traffic

We have the option to run destination ads to cold traffic (people who have never heard of our brand).

This can be used to raise awareness and acquirecustomers, but—it must be done right.

The key here is to make sure the ad prompts an ideal sales conversation. For example, if your ad asks people to respond with their favorite color, it’s probably going to be a waste of time and money. But, if you can prompt a conversation that leads to your ideal sales conversation… you’re golden. Imagine you own a home improvement company that provides a slew of services: plumbing, landscaping, painting, etc. You run an ad in your local area, “If you could ‘fix’ one aspect of your home, what would it be?”. People respond with “landscaping” or “I’d paint my home.” You now know their pain point and can cater your conversation to this topic, hopefully ending in a sale.

Again, I wouldn’t recommend starting here as I don’t believe this is the most highly leveraged activity within Facebook Messenger ads, but, it’s worth a shot when you’re ready for scale.


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