Forum Posting is an important part of any SEO effort to increase direct traffic to a website. Forum Postingin Laymen’s terms means replying to threads or posting new threads to obtain quality inbound links to a website. Done Right! Forum posting can drive targeted traffic to a website.

If you are looking to make better backlinks for your website posting on forums is an trusted, interesting and easy way to do that. You can now use forum postings to increase traffic and better the visibility of your backlinks. Forums Posting is an interesting Off-Page SEO technique that not only helps you to increase web traffic but also increase your website backlinks as well. Message boards, discussion groups, discussion boards, discussion forums, bulletin boards etc. generally comprise as forums. These forums postings act as a good platform to communicate with others in the same fields as well its increase your awareness in the growing market. One can easily seek guidance from experts on these forums. A large number of good community forums exist on the internet and these can easily help you to learn and discuss many new things.


Benefits of forum posting in seo

Search engine spiders like content, and posting on a forum with so many peoplecommenting on it can be a good process to generate content. This is one ofthe top SEO activity to push your website forward. It may take a while to get your website noticed and some really great members and frequent contributors will be required, but your website can rank really high if your users continue posting away on your forum.

A forum becomes a reason for your clients, customers and visitors to return back to your website, especially if they are looking for advice or help on a particular subject. You definitely want your visitors to keep returning. So, forum posting can be a great way of convincing people to return, and use your forum regularly.

The more members you have on your forum, the more sales you will be able to make. So, by having more members returning to your forum time and again, you can immediately maximize your chances of making a decent earning from your forum. Whether you have an online service or a shopping site, if you are successful in keeping your visitors enticed, you will have more chances of selling to themagain and again.

Disadvantages of forum posting

Although forum posting can be one of the best SEO process to attract your

potential customers and keeping them enticed, there might be issues about moderation. Not everyone might be as well-behaved and moderated as you. Different people might have different opinions, and any clashes may result in petty arguments, naughty items, dodgy posts etc. It will be your forum, and anything posted on it will affect your reputation, even if you are not responsible for it.

Forum posting can also bring the issue of spam with it. Your forum will be open for spammers, and if it gets really big, it can have weight on search engines. As a result, your forum might get closed, or its mode of operation may be changed. Forum posting can also lead to massive security issues for your business. You will have to update your software regularly, and close down any loopholes which can allow hackers to peek in. Monitoring the forum constantly can take up a lot of time.

If you have set up a forum, it is important to have lots of posts on it too. A forum with very few posts on it can ultimately have a negative impact on your reputation. An empty forum will only repel your visitors.

Now that you have understood the advantages and disadvantages of forum posting, you are one who has to decide whether you want to use it for your company’s exposure or not. If done the right way, forum posting can prove to be one of the top SEO tools for your business.

Points to Follow for Getting Traffic & SEO

Posting on forums isn’t that simple and straightforward the way it appears to be. You’ll need to initially realize some fundamental strategies in order to get highest advantages from it and also to keep away from ban. The phrase “High Quality” is compulsory while making threads and comments. Admins make some specific rules that need to satisfy until it can be regarded as a high quality post. The primary target is always to supply quality knowledge and obtain high quality one way links in return.

Choosing Forums

In order to obtain the most, your signature links needs to be on niche relevant forums. You’ll find your website’s niche relevant forums by writing “forum + niche” into Google. But first of all, you must examine that the forum should be SEO friendly as several forums allow “nofollow” links in signatures or no index Meta tag in profiles. Also check the Page Rank as it should not be less than 2 or unranked.

Profile Information

After selecting appropriate forums, you have to register and it is very important that you fill out your profile information completely. Use your real name and never use any kind of promotional name or the name of your website as such names always make a sense of spam. Add your profile links of the social networking websites whenever you find options to include.

Commenting on Threads

Ensure to present useful knowledge and also comment strongly related to the subject of the topic because the majority of forums possess strict rules with regards to spam and can get you banned. If a member made a thread about some latest tips of SEO in which he missed out important points, then you can comment those tips. In this manner your comment can get a lot more consideration among the comments of other people.

Avoid Direct Promotion

Don’t use advertising language of your services or products directly on your comments. When responding to other member’s queries, it’s best not to make use of any kind of word that can advertise your own products and also avoid referring to your signature links for details as some moderators can mind on your comments. Just make a proper answer to the query and allow other members determine whether or not to check out your site by clicking on the signature links.

Signature Links

The majority of forums allow adding links in signature, where members are permitted to add their own or client’s website link. However, you need to be very careful while adding links. Your links must be related to the forum else you will neither get SEO benefits nor traffic. Do not include an excessive amount of back links in the signature, first read the allowed number of links that can be added in the signature. Whenever you publish a topic or comment, the signature will be added instantly at the bottom. Whenever you create a thread or comment. Signature back links will be made directing to your websites. A lot of forums will demand you to have a specific amount of posts until you can include a back link. It will be valuable in the future when you reach that amount. But some of them also permit links in the signature instantly. Therefore forums generate one way back links easily in a huge amount, the more you make informative comments and threads, the more one way links your websites will get.

Posting Content

Make a habit to add a unique content. Making a post that will contain such a content that is already published or duplicate content is purely restricted and can lead to a permanent ban or warning depending upon the rules. Also take good care with your language. Never make use of unpleasant language.

Avoid Posting Unnecessarily

Only respond to such questions you know. Many members start bombarding by responding to every question regardless of whether they know the answer of those questions or not. It is best to answer to those questions you’re knowledgeable about.

Therefore, all of the above points have demonstrated that the forums hold a significant place in the search engine optimization perspective as it is a good way for getting quality links along with targeted visitor’s traffic pointing to your money websites and how to get it.


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