Pay-per-click advertising can offer considerable gains to small businesses, which is why businesses have begun using it as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

But, according to a number of small business owners, there is a lot of planning involved before launching an advertising campaign. One of the most crucial decisions entrepreneurs have to take before starting an ad campaign is whether it will be more beneficial to use Google AdWords or Bing Ads as their choice of platform. You should ideally use both, if your budget is big enough. Google as compared to Bing has a larger market share, but, 13% of estimated searches are done on the latter, so there is plenty of opportunity on both.

Smaller businesses normally have a small media budget, so the choice between Bing Ads and Google AdWords become all the more important. If you have to make the choice between them, which one would you prefer for your pay-per-click advertising? Following are some points which can help you in making an informed choice:

Bing is a More Efficient Spend

Small businesses generally opt for Google AdWords as Google covers a significant share of the search market. Google’s dominance cannot be denied, but it also doesn’t mean that your money is most wisely spent on AdWords. There is plenty of proof to support the theory that Bing Ads may be a better spend than AdWords.

Less Competition

Big organizations approve of high volume keywords as they require their ads to be on a much larger scale than their medium to small-sized counterparts. Small businesses don’t have to showcase their ads on such a large scale and would be better off serving a more niche clientele. So, they don’t need long keywords for their PPC campaigns.

The Unclear Option

Google AdWords can bring out amazingly good results, which is why it is a popular choice. But, you might be missing a big opportunity if you are not using Bing Ads. Moreover, small businesses with small media budgets may find that their marketing expense is much more effective on Bing than on Google, due to lower competition as well as low cost.


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