Step 1: Login to Blogger

Go to and sign in with your gmail id and password, if you don’t have an account then you can create it for free by click the “sign up” button at the top right corner as shown in the below screenshot. Blogger belongs to Google that’s the reason you would be needing an gmail account for building a website on blogspot.

Step 2: Confirm your profile

Once you are done with logging in with your gmail credentials, you will be seeing a screen like the below one. Click on “Continue to Blogger“.

Step 3: Create a New Blog

It’s time to create a new website, click on New Blog button.

Step 4: Provide Website’s domain name and title

In this step, you would need to provide the title and address of your website. For example: If you want to build a website on books then the Address (It’s also known as Domain name and site’s URL) could be or and the title can be Best IT Books Blog. You must know that since these domain names are free, they would be suffixed with by default. Blogspot, also provides us the option of having custom domain names and we would see how to add custom domain names in this guide later.

The domain name must be unique so there are chances that the domain name you wanna choose is already registered. In that case you must need to try a different domain name until unless the blue tick gets appeared at the right side of Address field as shown below.

Once it’s done, choose a template (you can choose any template at this point, you would be able to change it later at any point of time, we will show you how to do that) and click Create Blog!

Step 5: Start Blogging

By completing till step 4, you successfully own a website for free. Now, you can start posting posts/articles, click on start blogging!

Step 6: Visit your website

Give your website’s address in the browser and press enter. You would be presented with a website, which you own!!. Initially, you may not like the look and layout but we have not yet finished the tutorial, we will show you every single way to tweak your website, in order to make it look good and professional.

Publish a post/article on blogspot website

Since you have successfully create a website on blogspot, you can now start posting articles on your new website. Refer the below screenshot. Write content, title and hit Publish to publish the post. When you click publish, it would ask you to share the content on Google+, you may wish to do so as it would become a good source of traffic to your newly created website.

Set the desired permalink structure in Blogspot?

You may be wondering what is permalink – It’s a link (Address, which you enter in browser to view your posts) to your post/article

There are two options available when you write a post.

Automatic permalink: Blogger would automatically generate the permalink for the current post, based on the title provided in the title section.


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