Apps are the leading method for retailers to achieve your customers. whether or not you’re getting customers to your app, measuring their engagement, encouraging purchases, analyzing their sentiment or increasing to new markets, app information can fuel your mobile success and thereby your company’s success. From competitive benchmarking to international growth, App Annie has delivered new information and insights that show what’s required to achieve the app economy, so we tend to spoke to Lexi Sydow, Market Insights Manager, App Annie to induce additional insight.

What is the most fascinating or challenging finding during this report?

One of the most astonishing findings during this report is that American mobile users spent nearly fifty minutes in shopping apps monthly. That adds up to over 600 minutes, or ten hours, each year in shopping apps alone. because the mobile app economy continues to grow, retailers who get an advantage on app development and mobile strategy have the chance to grab market share early. From there, retailers will continue to optimize their mobile methods to keep up momentum through the continued mobile evolution. Mobile apps are key to success in retail and may be prioritized as a primary channel to achieve customers.

What are the 3 most vital things that app developers will take from this report?

The first step to a successful app is building relevant options and a customized experience. The second is getting users to download the app. without users, even the simplest app will not succeed. Therefore, User Acquisition (UA),should be an active and in progress effort, not a passive exercise.Secondly, it is important to notes that Digital-First retailers exceeded Bricks-and-Clicks retailers in average sessions per user and so generated more revenue opportunities every month. Bricks-and-Clicks apps need to focus their attention on increasing their sessions per user in order to extend their high line.Lastly, increasing browsing capabilities, loyalty programs, and products recommendations will increase the time spent per user in-app which might have a material impact on a retailer’s high line. Having a trusted app partner will help app developers identify the key strategies that will help them to realize their specific goals and drive ROI.

With the business becoming more and more complex daily, however, will businesses use this information to create a much better app that stands out from the competition?

This information pinpoints where customers are spending the most time on apps. It also provides a plan of wherever the business goes. for example, we predict that we’ll see an increase in app-only or app-exclusive deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. companies that are adopting these types of ways have the advantage of making ready their app before the time for the vacation traffic. to really achieve success in the future, businesses need to stay mindful of what their competitors do and constantly watching trends and adjusting their engagement tactics throughout the app’s lifetime. the data from this report allows retailers to accurately measure client satisfaction and implement changes to reflect client demand. additionally, these insights help brands benchmark against competitors in order to incorporate best practices that move the needle on critical engagement metrics moving basket size and lifetime value.



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