Well the weather finally calmed down yesterday Monday March 25 2013, as high temperatures have been occurring since Friday March 22 2013. Usually when we see temperatures this high at Mozcast a Google update is occurring. However, as Matt Cutts and the Google web spam team mentioned, there will be no more confirmations of updates from Google. This does not mean we won’t be seeing them in action!

On Twitter yesterday on the Mozcast profile the question was asked is this a “Panda Everflux.” Well Google is constantly changing the algorithm so therefore it is always changing anyway. Now it just has more heat behind it and a much bigger punch to the websites that are hurt by this flux.
Recent Reports
On Monday at Seo Hop there was a post published to find out exactly what is going on. A large website in the UK had reached out and said their website lost rankings over the weekend.
Is It Connected?
I do think this is something new with the recent activity and is not connected to the Google Update Panda #25 on March 15 2013.There was no continuous activity from March 15th to now. There is continuous activity from March 22-25th. The longest span of time of high activity we have seen so far.
On the other hand Matt Cutts did mention that the Google Updates will now be rolling updates and would be continuous instead of manually being pushed out. Now we are seeing a new generation of Google updates after two years of manual updates.
Panfecta New Google Update Resource
A website will be published on April 8 2013, teaching how to fix Google penalties, stabilize search engines rankings, and increase traffic. Seo ‘s, internet marketers, and anyone who owns a website will benefit from this as every website needs to learn the future of SEO and how to future proof their website from more Google updates so their rankings and traffic do not decrease. Even websites that were hurt in the past will be able to fix their errors by watching hundreds of videos organized into courses teaching what needs to be done in order to please Google’s algorithm now and in the future. This website is Panfecta and will use the hashtag #GUO, which stands for Google Update Optimization


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