Website-Site is a gathering of related website pages that may contain content, pictures, sound and video. The principal page of a site is called landing page. Every site has particular web address (URL) that you have to enter in your program to get to a site.
Site is facilitated on at least one server and can be gotten to by going by its landing page
utilizing a PC organize. A site is overseen by its proprietor that can be an individual,
organization or an association.
A site can be of two kinds:
 Static Website
 Dynamic Website

Static Website
Static site is the fundamental kind of site that is anything but difficult to make. You neednt
bother with the learning of web programming and database configuration to make a static
site. Its pages are coded in HTML.

The codes are settled for each page so the data contained in the page does not change and it would seem that a printed page.

Dynamic site
Dynamic site is a gathering of dynamic website pages whose substance changes
progressively. It gets to content from a database or Content Management System (CMS). In this manner, when you adjust or refresh the substance of the database, the substance of the site is likewise modified or refreshed.

Dynamic site utilizes customer side scripting or server-side scripting, or both to produce
dynamic substance. Customer side scripting creates content at the customer PC based on client input. The internet browser downloads the page from the server and procedures the code inside the page to render data to the client. In server side scripting, the product keeps running on the server and handling is finished in the server at that point plain pages are sent to the client.

Static and Dynamic Website

Static Website Dynamic Website

Prebuilt content is same each time the page is

Content is produced rapidly and changes

It utilizes the HTML code for building up a

It utilizes the server side dialects, for example, PHP, SERVLET, JSP, and ASP.NET and so forth to develop a site.

It sends the very same reaction for each request.

It may create diverse HTML for every one of the demand.

The substance is just changed when somebody distributes and refreshes the record (sends it to the web server).

The page contains "server-side" code which enables the server to produce the one of a kind substance when the page is stacked. Adaptability is the primary preferred
standpoint of static website. Content Management System (CMS) is the principle favorable position of dynamic site.


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