API stands for Application Programming Interface. This refers to a set of protocols, subroutines, and tools for building applications. API are available in different forms like software libraries, operating systems or web-based systems. However, in the world of app development, API generally refer to the set of requirements that rule how a mobile app can communicate and share the data with another app or web service.
Api used to transfer data between programs. In mobile app development, API make it possible to exchange data with web services like Google Maps, Facebook or other web services and take advantages of their popularity and offerings. For example, many game apps allow you to post your score or achievements on your Facebook page, which is a good example of intelligent use of API. API used today such as payment API, chat API, location and tracking API, and analytics API.
API are increasingly becoming more and more important in mobile app development as they dictate the way app developers develop their apps and integrate popular web services into them without much difficulty. Users tend to benefit from the use of web services, and for developers, it comes with a cut in costs and it also increases the efficiency.
Mobile app development services have evolved into a higher level with API.
Time Savers
API can be great time savers, as it puts an end to the need of coding the entire thing to make it work. API are readily available from leading web services. For example, mobile game developers can use the readily available Google Drive API or DropBox API in their gaming apps and help the user save the game session into a cloud-based storage which can be retrieved anytime.
You will find many apps that allow users to use Google or Facebook user data so as to sign in without creating a proper user. This is a perfect example of convenience, as the user is not required to key in details in a small screen in order to create a username. This sign-in feature relies on Google or Facebook API to work.
The most of mobile apps allow you to share information on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and many other platforms. API are used for various things like sharing articles, posting comments and reviews, without leaving the app.
Social engagement
Engagement is fueled by people, API are the fossil fuels that make it happen. Without API, none of the engagement options would be able to see the light of the day, and that’s the reason why API have become a critical business growth tool that cannot be ignored.


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