Good Info graph  below depicting future  Internet trends. Mobile ads set to grow  with more budgets  for  marketing on FB . Twitter YouTube  also  to grow as marketing channels.

All business that want to be visible online and reach there intended target audience or simply create brand awareness ,visibility  need to  follow these trends and adopt their Digital Marketing strategy  accordingly .When you say Digital Marketing  you need to cover the following :

Social media marketing , Search engine marketing (PPC,Adwords, SEO), Email marketing , Mobile marketing ,Content marketing , affiliate marketing  and using your mobile responsive website as the face of your business online with inbound marketing  efforts.

Above needs to  be integrated to your overall 360  degree communication plan  covering  Above the line and Below the line efforts.

Further  focus on customer Data is also key to carry out data driven marketing efforts. You need to  have a relevant and effective customer relationship management tool capturing data from all customer touch points.


In order to effectively  carry out above , business needs to have  a well trained passionate in house team that can co-create and collaborate with external agencies in order to develop and carry out strategies  based on overall business objectives.

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